Current Remember the Goats Projects: Army of Goat’s nft collection in progress

Reason: To support Veteran’s through donations to Veteran’s Communities through our sales and crowdfunding app. Build a web2 hub for veterans and others to onboard and learn crypto with safe, vetted sources.

Who does the donation go to? Eagles Landing, Mobile, Al. a VOA veteran’s community.

How do I get an NFT? Visit the collection links in the menu. Collection is available with card or crypto at Opensea and

Do I need a wallet? Not any more you can purchase with a card and hold it on open sea. To sell it you will need a wallet. I have posted info on setting up a wallet on the FAQ page.

What do I get? A foil One-of-a-Kind trading card of your nft and the NFT itself and other community member perks.

What other perks?
1. A free GEN2 goat via airdrop straight to your wallet or opensea account.

2. Portion of 96 million token airdrop of GOATX tokens.

3. Commercial Use rights with Resale to all owners

4. Ability to burn a Gen 1 and Gen 2 nft to receive a Gen 3 avatar.

5. Free store on (BETA) featuring merch with your GOAT nft on it. Earn 22.5% of each sale made from your store.

How are the projects funds distributed?
Admin 10%
Artist 10%
Donation 20%
Web infrastructure and development 10%
Producing current and future projects on Road map 40%

Who runs this operation? This is a mainly Solo project headed up by me. I’m Stan Corley and have been a word press site developer for about 15 years. Highly vested and interested in the new blockchain and the possibilities for wp plug-in development using smart contract integration. Our partner Pratamadicky is the project artist. He creates the art, then the team uses photoshop to change color variables of traits. All smart contracts I’m using were developed by and we may deploy these as ecosystem add-ons later. That said, going forward we have a Dev on commission, Announcement coming soon.

How do we know you won’t take the money and run? First of all, with the anonymity the web provides this is a valid question, even though I have sound integrity. It’s useful to be skeptical. I know I am. I have been public since the inception of the project, never tried to hide my identity and have been open and transparent with monthly status reports to holders via our discord. I believe that this could raise a lot of money for Eagles landing while helping my family as well. The Goal is to increase awareness that communities like this need funding and with each drop increase the size of our donation.