What is a wallet? A wallet is an encrypted application that sends and receives cryptocurrency and nfts. Most have their own networks, and some currencies require certain wallets to work.

How do I get a wallet? You can download wallets from different chains using our directory to guide you through trusted wallets such as Meta Mask and Coinbase wallet.

How do I connect a wallet? When you access a site the utilizes a wallet login your browser will prompt you to sign a free transaction. Once logged in with your wallet you can utilize the sites features.

How do I buy crypto? Usually this means using cash from a bank account or debit card. This is referred to as fiat in the blockchain space. The safest place to get started is Coinbase. Download the app or visit Coinbase.com, make a deposit and buy some crypto. For nft’s ETH, and $MATIC are the most used on opensea.

I’ve got crypto in my coinbase account how do I buy nft’s? Now you’ll need a wallet that is compatible with opensea. You can download Coinbase wallet and bind your accounts together, then use the Coinbase wallet to connect to opensea.

You can also use Meta mask which Add’s a step. You will need to send the crypto to meta mask by copying the address in the top center of Meta Mask. You’ll need to set the network to Ethereum or Polygon (if your sending MATIC). To set Polygon you will need to enter some values in the add network screen. WARNING: if you send the wrong currency to the wrong address it cannot be recovered, always make sure the wallet and network accept the funds from where you are sending them.

Last step with meta mask is to copy and paste your wallet address and put it in the (send to) address field given to you by coin base.