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Army of Goats

Army of Goats

Army of Goat’s Genesis Collection

799 Total Goat NFT’s

437pcs available on Opensea

362pcs on

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Utilities: Pure Goatness


96 million Token Airdrop to owners of Army of Goats NFT's on Apr 30th 2022. tokens divided by # of NFT's in wallets. User receive that number multiplied by howerver many GOAT NFT's are in your wallet

Commercial Use Rights

As long as you own your GOAT nft, you have full commercial use with resale rights to your NFT art! Put it on merchandise, use image in print and even license it for use by another entity...

Commissions from merch sales

Owners of our NFT's may join (beta), Create a Vendor account, Verify their NFT and we fill your store with merch featuring your art. Earn 22.5% commission

The Story

Goatopia, a mostly quiet and peaceful civilization which citizens created to escape the tyranny of kingdom's rulers.

Eventually going on to form a new country in which freedom of the individual Goat was guaranteed and self-governed.

And Goatopia isn't without it's Villains. Greed, Envy and Power are always testing the citizens and the Army. Skirmishes with their devout followers from the outlands happen from time to time.

The Army is Marching, Join the Army of Goats and help protect Goatopia, the last refuge for freedom.

Straight from the Goats Mouth

How Much Does a Goat Cost?

Current Floor Prices

Opensea 0.01 wETH $18 USD

How Many Goats are there?

799 Total

437 Opensea Polygon

362 Cronos

Are there More Goats coming?

YES! Our 2nd Drop of GEN2 males and GEN1 females in the works.

Spoiler* You will be able to breed a Gen 2 Girl and a Gen 1 AoG to receive a GEN3 3D avatar for free!

How can I get a free goat?

Owners of GEN1 goats will be airdropped a GEN2 goat before public mint

What Commercial use/IP rights are granted

When you buy an Army of Goats NFT you have worldwide license to use, copy and display the NFT for commercial use with resale rights.

rememberthegoats reserves the rights to use all nft's in any way commercial or personal way unless prescribed in writing by stan corley the Project Manager

How do I get the GOATX token?

Tokens will be airdropped to all MetaMask wallets that own nft's. users must submit their Meta Mask wallet to either me via DM or submit the form provided on the CRO wallet submission page.

How do I Buy a Goat

The Genesis Collection is available for purchase on Opensea click here and click here

What Do Veteran's Communities do for their Veterans? click for more

Many people don’t realize what Veteran’s Communities do for their residents.

Not only do they provide the veteran housing, but they also provide transportation to appointments, food, clothing, bedding, educational classes and more.

How do Veteran's Communities stay open? click for more

We believe these communities shouldn’t have to just survive. They should thrive and that means ensuring that veterans are getting the things they need, and the community managers are able to properly maintain the housing.

Cost is usually budgeted around grants and keystone donations that keep the communities functional. Beyond that it’s up to donations from people like us to provide a more comfortable situation for the Veterans and community managers.

What Veteran's Community does donate to? click for more

Remember the Goats will be donating 20% of net earnings on Dec 1st 2022 to Eagles Landing in Mobile Alabama.

At the same time we are providing physical printed educational onboarding guides to residents of the community.

Attention Soldier, time to report and show some support.

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20% of net sales (est) as of 03/08/2022 is
123 $MATIC currently locked in the crowdfunding contract 0xd8656556F96F7D4c9cd423beF7FBcfc324300BD4 until donation

We Donate 20% of all project earnings!

20% of net sales (est) as of 03/08/2022 is
123 $MATIC currently locked in the crowdfunding contract 0xd8656556F96F7D4c9cd423beF7FBcfc324300BD4 until donation.

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