VIP Battle Royale

On Friday 3.3.23 200 VIP ticket holders will have access to the first annual STAG VIP Battle Royale game. 6-7 individual games will be run throughout the day. Points are awarded for placement in each game. Top 3 will be determined by the player’s cumulative average points of all finishes. 

 How do I get a VIP ticket?
VIP tickets are NFT’s on the block chain. Meaning once you own them you can resell them on opensea. Whoever owns it has access to the yearly VIP battle royale game for the life of the game Guaranteed 5 year minimum.
Do I need to own crypto?No, opensea accepts cards as well as cryptocurrency. 
 Only 200 VIP ticket NFTs will ever be produced. Limited amounts (listed weekly)are available on   Get one for free, Own two Army of Goats nfts and claim a free ticket on our discord
 Simply attend one of the 3 big games hosted at STAG this year. Raiders 3(Apr) Genesis 2 (sept)and Blackout 6 (Nov) we will have a sign up sheet available for the battle royale at the desk.
FIRST come first serve…
 Step two we’ll contact you so you can send us your meta mask wallet address. We’ll send your ticket to your wallet. 
That’s it show up and play the game. Camping and RVs (no hookups) allowed on site.
 There will be an RSVP smart contract built onto the website soon it will allow you to use your nft to register for that years game.
Stay tuned, I will be announcing our Golden ticket program for field owners. A smart contract controlled limited ticket system for special Privileges at your field.