Army of Goats nft collection

What is the Army of Goat’s nft collection? A collection of 799 Non-Fungible Token (nft) art pieces for sale. Available on multiple chains the collection is divided as follows:, 437pc Open Sea Collection (ERC-1155), 326pc, Each collection is its own entity within the whole.

Is that all I get? Just some JPEG image? In addition to the 1 of 1 blockchain minted collectible nft you will receive a 1 of 1 real life Foil Trading Card of your nft. Also on Apr 30th 96 million GOATX tokens will be rewarded in a portion equal to 96m divided by # of nfts sold for each nft in your wallet

How do I get one? Currently available on, Click the links to check out the collections.

Can I resell my nft? Absolutely, we even provide a means for you to do so right in the member’s area. Members are able to list their nfts in the member’s area marketplace. Or you can transfer it to your own wallet and sell it on

Usage rights for clipart used as backgrounds or to accent some goats in the collection.

Gold coin backgroundPublic DomainCreative Commons
Tattoo DragonPublic DomainCreative Commons
Tattoo Skull w/wingsPublic DomainCreative Commons
Baseball HatPublic DomainCreative Commons
Gold ChainAdobe StockExtended License Commercial use
American FlagPublic DomainCreative Commons
Matrix BackgroundShutterstockExtended License Commercial Use
Blonde WigSelivanoff86Commercial Use License
Rising Sun BackgroundPublic DomainCreative Commons
Bitcoin Matrix BackgroundPublic DomainCreative Commons