Remember the Goats Mission

Version 2

Charity Contributions

20% of project earnings are donated to VOA veteran’s communities, first up is Eagles Landing, Mobile, Al. Donation is being held in a crowd funding contract and will be donated on Dec 1st 2022.

Bridging Web2 and Web3 seamlessly

Positioning is everything, as users learn how crypto works they will need bridges (web2 sites that operate with blockchain contracts seamlessly) to introduce them to the technology and build trust in the technology.

We are creating marketplaces for vendors and consumers to buy and sell NFT art based merchandise. Providing Business to Business programs to support NFT communities. Partners receive licensing revenue for merchandise sold with their art.

End Goal: Merchandise can be turned into 3D merch NFT’s for use in the metaverse. Meta land with virtual storefront.

Token Project

Supply: 96.3m
Use case creation
NFT 2nd Gen NFT’s can be purchased at a discount with GOATX token.
Token integration into web3 token marketplace.
Token integration into marketplace.

NFT Genesis Project

Name: Army of Goats
Supply: 799 – 437 Opensea 362
– Foil Trading Card
– Free Token airdrop access (Completed)
– Commercial use rights
– Breeding Gen1/Gen2 Gen 2 Girls for Gen 3- 3D
– Free Vendor store on with merch featuring nft’s you own. Earn a commission on each sale through your store front.

VIP Battle Royale NFT

Instructions – Buy or claim your ticket to our real world meet up. An airsoft battle royale game day, grilling, and camping

NFT 2nd Genesis

Name: Goatopia
Supply: 10,000 – 6,667 Lady Goats / 3,333 Men Goats

Staking – Staking option available for Gen 2.

  • Staking – Rewarded in Goat0 token determined by rarity score
  • Store – Goat0 Token marketplace entirely on the blockchain for holder rewards and digital items. (Not
  • Exchanging – Exchange Goat0 for GoatX token for use on
  • Breeding – Written into contract, Gen 1 bloodlines will be result in higher rarity rankings when breeding.
  • Breeding Rentals – Rent your male goat for breeding.
  • Trait Rewards – Delivered on Mint out

–Sport watch – 10 available G-Shock GG-B100-1A3ER Mudmaster
–Smart watch – 5 available Apple Watch Series 7
–Gold Watch – 1 available
–Gold watch with red ring – 1 available
–Gold watch with blue ring – 1 available
Invicta Shaq Chaos .26 Carat Diamond Men’s Watch Gold/Blue/Red variants

–Red Hoodie – Custom 1/1 Hoodie 100 available
–Silver Aviator Sunglasses – 10 available Ray Ban aviators

Store account – Free Vendor store on with merch featuring nft’s you own. Earn a commission on each sale through your store front.

Commercial Use Rights

-3rd Party Trait Rewards

– 3 Yeti Collaboration Custom 1/1 inside mint! Reward TBA

Gen #2 Drop Community Rewards

  • Discord milestones members giveaway – Free NFT at mint per 1000 discord members.
  • Twitter milestone giveaways – Free nft at mint every 1000 followers.
  • Space Giveaways – 100 designated for twitter space live giveaways.
  • On Sell out 5000 $MATIC giveaway to one holder.

Merchandise Marketplace is available to both Gen 1 and Gen 2 Users

Consumer account – allows user to create a custom product with an image of their choice including nfts.

Vendor account – allows user to create a store front and list merchandise for sale. Goatopia charges 2.5% fee per transaction.

Vendor drop ship account – allows user to create a store front, verify nft’s they will be listing for ownership and image submission. User will receive 4 custom products uploaded to their store front earning 22.5% commission per sale.

Partner Accounts – Partner accounts are vendor accounts/drop ship accounts that can elect to provide licensing permission for vendor accounts to their project holders. Partner accounts earn a 5% licensing fee for each sale made by vendors. Plus 50% of any personal vendor sales.

Version 1

Mission: To onboard underserved Veterans into crypto through education, introduction and integration.

Mission Objective: To raise money for veteran’s while educating and onboarding Veteran’s through web based and print materials. “Creating ways to empower Veteran’s through the Blockchain”

Mission parameters: Utilize NFT and Token ecosystem to create an easy entrance into the space. While creating a sustainable ecosystem of services and benefits that reward owners of the nft’s.

Mission Plan

Phase One:
Launch Army of Goats NFT project,
Direct impact to mission:

20% of the gross profits donated to Veteran’s communities along the Gulf Coast. Starting with Eagles Landing Mobile, Al. Ability to create future real-world utilities for NFT holders. See Project details for current utilities.

Secondary Impact to Mission:

Creates a diverse pool of GOATX token holders that can create liquidity pool pairs to allow swapping of token from different currencies.

Launch Remember the Goats Website
Direct Impact to mission:

Public introduction to our mission and entry point to programs offered by the project.

Launch GOATX token
Direct Impact to Mission:

Provides a means to bridge web2 and web3 ecosystem utilizing the token.

Launch Veteran’s Onboarding Systems Web2
Direct Impact to Mission:

A simple form low barrier to entry, step by step onboarding process in easy to download and read PDF for.

Community Education Program.
Direct Impact to Mission:

Developing a well-structured introductory onboarding brochure for distribution to Veteran’s community owners for distribution their communities.

Launch Web2 Buy/Sell marketplace Launch (In BETA)

Direct Impact to Mission:

Provides users/owners of our nft’s a FREE shop in our online marketplace. The shop will create t-shirts and other products with your nft’s on them. Shop owners/nft holders will receive a commission from each sale of their items!

Token Utilization Impact:

Using the GOATX with options for fiat and other crypto will build the Web2 bridge ecosystem further.