Army of Goats airdrop registration and card redemption

Verify your transaction below to register for future airdrops and to receive your one-of-a-kind Army of Goats Foil Trading Card. Cards are currently scheduled to ship in Q3 2022.

This is only form you’ll need to register for the army of goats GOATX token airdrop on Apr 30, 2022 unless your wallet listed below isn’t compatible with ERC-20 or if you sell your nft. Trading cards are only available to 1st GEN owners of Army of Goats nfts. (Secondary sales do not apply to trading card reward.)

Army of Goats Airdrop

MATIC or CRO enabled wallet. Wrong wallet address can result in loss of assets or loss of airdrop
Where do you want your free trading card sent to?
date you purchased your Army of Goats NFT
Where did you purchase your nft?
username on platform you purchased from
Time of purchase for the Army of Goats NFT